Seeker Friendly

A Church For People Who Don’t Like ChurchSteven Long July 29

Over the last three posts we have briefly examined the seeker culture and why it is not totally Biblical. As I stated in the first post, their ideas are commendable–a desire to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ. However, the methods go beyond what should be. I guess this post could be considered a sort of tie-in with…

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There Is No Such Thing as a SeekerPt 3 – What about the passages that command us to seek God?Steven Long 7/08/12

If it is true that no one seeks God then why are there passages in the Bible that command us to seek God, passages such as Isaiah 55:6, which commands to “seek the Lord while He may be found? In the first post we laid the foundation of why seeker sensitive evangelism was not Biblical. Our final and most authoratative…

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