Who is the Holy Spirit? (pt2)Steven Long 3/17/13

This is a recap of tonight’s podcast Who is the Holy Spirit (part 2)

Tonight’s podcast was part 2 on the Holy Spirit. We focused on the Spirit’s deity and personality. The graph above shows the relation between each member of the Trinity. One of the things brought to the forefront during the podcast was the fact that the distinction of role in no way diminishes the Deity of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit has voluntarily taken a “back seat” position, if you will, pointing to the work of Christ and bearing witness with God’s children while sanctifying and sealing them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the church treat the Spirit as a force, or a power to accomplish what they desire. The Benny Hinn video clip we played at the beginning demonstrated this. Using the Holy Spirit in this manner is taking God’s Name in vain (vain simply means useless or empty) and is a direct violation of the third commandment (Ex 20:7).

Next week we will focus more on the Trinity as a whole. Thanks for reading (and listening) and God be with you.

Dan & Steve (AKA) The Truth Team

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