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This is Just Plain Ridiculous!Steven Long 5/19/13

Talk about using secular means to attract people to church: take a look at this absolutely ridiculous video below.

This is one of the major reasons why discernment is lacking among our young people. They desire to be entertained rather than be exhorted by the Word of God. When churches have to stoop to such means to attract a crowd something is desperately wrong. This video was done by North Point Church in Georgia. Just by looking at their info you can see why this church is the way it is. Their welcome page states,

North Point Ministries, Inc., was founded in 1995 with the vision of creating churches that un-churched people love to attend.

Having a church where the lost love to attend is an anomaly to Scripture. The Church is a place where God’s people come together to worship Him, be edified, and take what they have learned in order to reach the lost around them. It is not about entertaining or trying to attract the unchurched. The reason why people are unchurched is because they hate God! There is no other reason. They don’t seek after God and therefore need the world’s entertainment to feel “safe and unjudged” when walking into a church.

I hope Danny and I will be able to do a podcast on this very soon. Stay tuned!

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