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The Importance of Biblical Hermeneutics Steven Long 7/14/13

Here is the outline I used from tonight’s podcast on hermeneutics. As promised, the links to the books I mentioned are at the end of this post. What is hermeneutics? a method or principle of interpretation By very definition that means that we cannot interpret things any way we wish We are obliged to follow a set pattern of rules…

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A Brief Comparison Between Paid & Free Bible Software Steven Long 7/13/13

This is part 4 in a TBD series on Bible software. The other parts can be found here:[ part 1,  part 2, part 3]   As noted in the previous post it can be a bit murky trying to determine if you need to dump money in to purchasing Bible software or if you can get away with a free version. The guidelines…

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Fulfillment Through FailureSteven Long 7/04/13

This is the written transcript of the sermon preached at Albemarle Reformed Church on Sunday, June 23, 2013. The audio portion can be heard here: [Fulfillment Through Failure – Judges 15:9-20]. Fulfillment Through Failure Judges 15:9-20 Thus far in Samson’s life we have not yet seen how he has fulfilled the God-given role as judge and Nazarite. We have had…

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