5 Things Christians Should Do in Response to the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Homosexual Marriage

By now, every blogger in every corner of the Net has either written on or otherwise elaborated on yesterday’s history-changing decision of the Supreme Court’s ruling on homosexual marriage.  To boot, many Christians have responded with articles and blogposts about how Christians should respond. I don’t propose to offer anything new or insightful, or even anything significant. But I would like…

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Paula White, Prosperity Gospel, Word of Faith

Paula White Promotes New Age Music

Well folks, throw away your Bibles. We don’t need them anymore thanks to “Whole Tones”. Now with “Whole Tones” you, yes YOU can learn the “7 Amazing New “Musical Tones” Found To Relieve Stress… Promote Healing… Break Negative Cycles… and Restore Sound Sleep… in Minutes.”Why bother with those pesky Scriptures that require study and constant reading? Now, with “Whole Tones”…

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links to make you think

Links to Make You Think

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “links to make you think.” But since these are some of our most popular posts, we’ll try to start getting them back out on a regular basis. Would you like to know for sure whether or not your part of the “great falling away? This post will help! Tired of squishy, weak,…

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Bible Study, Exegesis

Hermeneutics part 4: The 3 Steps of the Observation Phase

Do you remember the four steps of hermeneutics? Here is a quick reminder: Grasp the text in their town – what did it mean to the original audience? Measure the width of the river to cross – what are the differences between the Biblical audience and me/us?  Cross the priciplizing bridge – what is the theological principle in this text?…

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Bill Johnson

Are They Preaching the Gospel at Bethel?

The gospel “is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,” (Ro. 1:16). The apostle Paul makes it clear that it is the power of God, not that it only contains power so that we could somehow make it powerless. For example, Paul tells the Philippians: Philippians 1:14-18 (ESV) And most of the brothers, having become confident in…

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