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Praying in the Spirit Reveals Mysteries?

1. A church in Texas has a 4 million dollar aquarium. 2. Stupid Tweets- Bill Winston 3. Praying in the Spirit reveals mysteries? 4. Joseph Prince says “God blesses everything we touch.”     Posted with Blogsy

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Michael Brown Responds to Matthew Vines

In the last post I said that there were changes coming to the podcast. Instead of working with one topic, we split the show into four segments. This is the first episode with those changes. The Michael Brown post is in the fourth segment. Posted with Blogsy


Changes to the Podcast

Long for Truth started out as a blog and eventually morphed into a Facebook page and finally a podcast. Steve and I have done over 100 episodes of The Long for Truth Show trying to stay consistent by posting at least one episode a week. But unfortunately over the past year, because of work, family, and church schedules, consistency has…

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Join the Ephesians Study Group Online!

I (Steven) am hosting a study group online through the book of Ephesians. We’ll be using theArcing/Bracketing/Phrasing method. The group is open to ANYONE who wants to dig deeper into God’s Word using the Arcing method. Don’t be intimidated. If you’d like to join just go to this link and request membership. There will be three things that you must…

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