Hillsong, Latter Rain, NAR..What’s the Difference?

Here are the show notes and links from last night’s podcast. There are several things that were not talked about on this episode that should have been addressed. But due to lack of time we were not able to get to them, such as Carl Lentz not calling abortion a sin on “The View.”

The main purpose of this episode was to show the dangerous connection between “Global Pastor” Brian Houston and the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation).

We start by talking about Frank Houston (Brian’s father) and his ties to the “Latter Rain” cult. I read a short article explaining what the “Latter Rain Movement” was.  

Steven reads a short article that gives a brief overview of of the NAR. 

We also talked about some of the dangers of the NAR such as “impartation.”

Here is the creepy video we discussed on Heidi Baker’s supposed impartation of  the Holy Spirit. Looks more like demon possession to me.

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