Don Nori, Destiny Image, and One Weird Vision in Don’s Car

Destiny Image is a publishing company that publishes the “prophets,” or rather the false prophets. Don Nori, the founder of Destiny started the company in 1983. Their “vision,” found on their “About” page says this:

Destiny has been called to publish biblically sound, prophetic word to the Body of Christ. To that end, we look for authors with an anointing to direct, encourage and strengthen the church as a whole.

Here’s the trailer from the site’s home page:


A publishing company that publishes self proclaimed prophets and apostles like Heidi Baker and Bill Johnson is bad enough. Where it really gets weird is how this publishing company started. Nori claims that through a four hour encounter with Jesus in his car, he was finally commissioned to be a “prophet to the prophets,” and that Jesus Himself told Don to name the company Destiny Image.

In this podcast episode, I point out some inconsitencies between Don’s testimony in his video and what’s written about the visions on Destiny’s “About” page.

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