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Kenneth Copeland’s Magical “Blood of Jesus”


A blog article on Kenneth Copeland Ministries entitled The Power of the Blood of Jesus, posted on February 6, 2018, is chock full of information showing how Christians can manipulate God into giving them just about anything they want. How? By pleading the blood of Jesus.

Yes, all you need to have healing from sickness and disease (including the flu virus), protection for your family and children, and safe travels in your private jet or expensive (or not so expensive) vehicle is to say these six magic words, “I plead the blood of Jesus!” Use this magical incantation and watch that mean old Devil and all his nasty demons flee and stop wreaking such havoc in your life!

Sometimes however, pleading the blood may not be enough. You might just need something a little more potent than mere words. Although words (according to Word of Faith teachers like the Copelands, Joyce Meyer, and Joseph Prince) have the power to create positive circumstances, sometimes, for whatever reason, they just won’t do the trick.

But don’t fear. All is not lost. There is one more thing you can try. According to KCM “One powerful tool that is often overlooked by Christians is the taking of Communion.”



That’s right! The precious body and blood of Christ given to you for the forgiveness of sins can also be used as a “powerful tool” of manipulation! As stated in a previous article called How to Take Communion for Your Healing:

” When you receive it, you should plan to partake of everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided—salvation, peace of mind, healing and total prosperity.”

Did you catch the last phrase? “Total prosperity!”

Of course, if you want to be in the “billion flow” (a billion dollars that is) you need much more than faith in the blood and Holy Communion. You need to learn how to fleece gullible “Christians” desiring wealth and prosperity. Which is exactly how Copeland made his fortune.