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The Long For Truth Podcast Will Be Returning

After a few years, and several attempts at reviving the podcast, the Long for Truth show will finally be returning. Steve and I are looking forward to getting together and recording episodes on a weekly basis.

Our purpose is to expose the crazy, and reveal the truth. There are many crazy, foolish and blasphemous things being said and done in the name of Christianity by those who call themselves pastors, teachers, and even apostles.

Our desire is to warn those who may be caught up in Word of Faith, NAR, and other dangerous movements, while at the same time holding up their teachings to the light of Scripture.

There will be times however, when our schedules will not mesh. When that happens one of us will be doing a solo episode.

We will be posting the episodes, along with the show notes to the blog, and you will be able to find us on iTunes and Spreaker. However, no need to go to Spreaker, since we will be posting the player directly to the site.

Talk to you soon!

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