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Rick Warren Says Saddleback Has Matched the Growth of Church in Acts 2: Just Needs a Few More Baptisms to Pass a History-Making Milestone

Do you want to feel significant, special, important? Then you need to be baptized! But, baptism in any old church won’t do! Nope. In order for your  baptism to be really special, you need to be baptized at one of the twenty Saddleback Campuses.


First, because “no other church in America,” or quite possibly the world, has done what Saddleback has done! Saddleback is the modern-day church of Acts 2.

Acts 2:47 …praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.

Yep! Every day 3.6 people have been baptized at Saddleback since the church started in 1980, making Saddleback the modern-day church of Acts.

And second, you could be the lucky 50,000th person to be baptized at Saddleback! Think about it! What an amazing, faith building, assurance bringing, God must be for me, Now I have a purpose feeling being baptized at Saddleback would bring!! Why, you’ll go down in History!

Not sure if you believe it? Here’s the News Letter to prove it:

August 1, 2018

Dear Saddleback Family,

The first church began in Jerusalem, 2000 years ago. It grew very rapidly.

Acts 2:47 tells us “EVERY DAY the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.” Think about that. Daily!

That means, at the very least, one person a day was saved and baptized. (That church grew a minimum of 365 new members every year.)

Not many churches could match that kind of growth. But Saddleback has! For 38 years, this phrase “Every day the Lord added to their number” has been true of our church family.

Since beginning on Easter, 1980, our church has baptized three to four people every single day since then. (Precisely 3.6 people every day)

NOW: On the weekend of August 11-12, our church will pass a history-making milestone: Someone that weekend will be our 50,000th baptism!

This is a miracle of God’s life-transforming power. No other church in America has done this. It will be big news!

That weekend, every Saddleback Campus will be baptizing after every service. Of course, we’ll photograph every baptism and then figure out from each campus, what individual, couple, or family was the 50,000th baptism. IT COULD BE YOU!

Here’s how I need your help:

  • First, watch this brief video about baptism here. 
  • Second, sign up to be baptized here. 
  • Third, forward this to friends or family and invite them to be baptized on this historic day! It will be a huge celebration!

Pastor Rick
Dr. Rick Warren
Saddleback Church
Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan

P.s. THIS WEEKEND I’m teaching on “When You Feel Like You’ve Lost Everything”part 2 of my series “How God Turns Setbacks into Comebacks.”

You’ll learn what a man named Job did when everything fell apart in his life, how God turned it all around, and how Job’s life, after his comeback, was twice as good as before his setback.

You can be sure that YOU will have setbacks in your days ahead: health setbacks, financial setbacks, relational setbacks, and setbacks in many other areas. Will you know what to do? Don’t miss this transforming, skill-building series! You can watch Part 1 “When You’ve Had a Business Setback”  here. 


Already baptized? That’s ok!  Since baptism doesn’t really do anything your invited to come and be baptized again! Here’s Rick to tell you all about it:



Now, you might be thinking, “But wait a minute. If I get baptized, I might become like one of those radical Christians I hear about, always concerned about things like going to church every week, reading the Bible, praying, killing sin (even the little ones), looking for ways to love and to share Christ with their neighbors, etc.”

But don’t worry! At Saddleback, you won’t get the Biblical Gospel! None of that wrath of God, you’re a sinner, repentance, and faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins talk here! The Saddleback gospel is all about purpose!


By the way, if you do want the Biblical Gospel, here’s a sermon by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller of Hope Lutheran Church in Aurroa Co. The sermon is a little over 17 minutes, but listen to the end. I promise, you will hear the Gospel in all it’s sweetness!

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