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Herescope: Search The Scriptures

Christian believers have a duty that lies in the command to “search the Scriptures” (John 5:39), ἐρευνᾶτε τὰς γραφάς: i.e., make a diligent investigation of the mind of God in them.1 Corinthians 2:13 speaks of  “comparing spiritual things with spiritual” — examining what the Spirit has declared of the mind of God in one place in Scripture with what He,…

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Heresy, Rob Bell


(Heather Clark – Christian News Network) A new documentary called “The Heretic,” which centers on false teacher Rob Bell, is set to be released on March 1, and features a number of statements that are already raising concern, such as, “The Bible has caused so much damage” and “Jesus would be absolutely mortified that someone started a religion in His name.”…

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Charisma News Spins the Truth About Gloria Copeland’s Flu Shot Video

      I won’t spend any time on the horrible, unbiblical teaching on healing in this article by “Charisma.” All I want to do is show how “Charisma News” is spinning the truth about Gloria Copland’s flu video. Charisma News: Gloria did not say or imply that you shouldn’t get a flu shot or see a doctor. Gloria Copeland: We don’t…

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Kenneth Copeland’s Magical “Blood of Jesus”

  A blog article on Kenneth Copeland Ministries entitled The Power of the Blood of Jesus, posted on February 6, 2018, is chock full of information showing how Christians can manipulate God into giving them just about anything they want. How? By pleading the blood of Jesus. Yes, all you need to have healing from sickness and disease (including the…

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Patricia King Kills the Flu Virus

Yesterday Patricia King announced on her Facebook Page that she has killed the flu virus! Yep, that deadly virus “that has not only plagued many, but has attacked many with death” is finally over. How did she do it? She ascended to the second heaven where she was given a lightning sword to cut off the heads of several demons dropping…

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Will you pray for your pastor?

Today I make a request of you. Will you pray for your pastor? Will you pray for him daily? Will you put him on the list of all those names you rattle off when you pray with your young children every night? Will you, by God’s Spirit, resolve to be more diligent in prayer for him, for his wife and…

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But Pastor, I Don’t Need To Go To Church To Have Faith! | PM Notes

Dear friends, we need the Word of God often, because without the Word and the Sacraments, our faith will not be strengthened, and we risk falling away into unbelief and damnation.  Yes, we need the Word of God, and we need it more than we think.  And God be praised that He gives His Word to us often. Source: But…

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Samuel Rodriguez Healed a Blind Man (in a Third World Country with No Video) – Pulpit & Pen

Like all charismatics, Rodriguez has lots of stories of the miraculous, and all of them happened in Third World countries a long way away from television cameras or any form of substantiation. In a video posted by Charisma Mag, Rodriguez claims to have healed a man blind from birth. Source: Samuel Rodriguez Healed a Blind Man (in a Third World…

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Moralism is Not the Gospel (But Many Christians Think It Is) –

Hell will be highly populated with those who were “raised right.” The citizens of heaven will be those who, by the sheer grace and mercy of God, are there solely because of the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. Source: Moralism is Not the Gospel (But Many Christians Think It Is) –


Don Nori, Destiny Image, and One Weird Vision in Don’s Car

Destiny Image is a publishing company that publishes the “prophets,” or rather the false prophets. Don Nori, the founder of Destiny started the company in 1983. Their “vision,” found on their “About” page says this: Destiny has been called to publish biblically sound, prophetic word to the Body of Christ. To that end, we look for authors with an anointing…

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