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“If you’re depending on emotional experiences, then you’re subjectively looking inward to feelings that are deceptive and fluctuate, which results in instability of assurance of salvation.” Source: Christian Research Network

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The Word of Faith Cornucopia of False Doctrine — Pirate Christian Media

  The Word of Faith movement is the predecessor to the New Apostolic Reformation and the two movements share a lot of overlapping beliefs. The Word of Faith (WOF) movement developed in the 1940’s & 50’s under the teachings of E.W. Kenyon, Kenneth Hagin (who plagiarized Kenyon), Oral Roberts, A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, William Branham and others. Like the NAR, the…

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Museum of Idolatry — Pirate Christian Media

Shawn Bolz (“The Smartphone Prophet”) was on Sid Roth’s TV show (this was years ago) and told this story about getting really important keys from the Angel of Finance: Source: Museum of Idolatry — Pirate Christian Media Make sure you watch both videos. The reason being that Bolz changes the details of this alleged encounter.

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Why “Jesus Calling” Should be Added to the Bible

In our last post we looked at how the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was a direct assault on the sufficiency of Scripture. We saw that Jesus Calling encourages Christians to seek the voice of God outside of the only way He has promised to speak to His people, through the Scriptures. Nowhere does the Bible ever direct us…

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