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Why “Jesus Calling” Should be Added to the Bible

In our last post we looked at how the book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was a direct assault on the sufficiency of Scripture. We saw that Jesus Calling encourages Christians to seek the voice of God outside of the only way He has promised to speak to His people, through the Scriptures. Nowhere does the Bible ever direct us…

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Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling: An Assault on the Sufficiency of Scripture

  An article on the sufficiency of Scripture opens appropriately with the words, “The Scriptures today are under attack.” This is true not only regarding the inerrancy of Scripture, but even more so, I think, regarding the sufficiency of Scripture. Quoting James Montgomery Boice, Tim Challies wrote: “James Montgomery Boice once said that the real battle in our times would…

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Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

Beware of “Jesus Calling”Steven Long 3/17/13

The book Jesus Calling is making waves in the evangelical church. The book is a devotional type book by Sarah Young. The devotionals cover a year and meant to be read every day. However, don’t be too quick to pick up this book  to hear “Jesus calling” you. The book is a mixture of a dangerous practice called Contemplative Prayer.…

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